Louis Cardin Impression's Deo Spray 200ml

Impression’s by Louis Cardin is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. The fragrance features tangerine, mandarin orange, red currant, praline, vetiver, freesia, lily, orchid, orris root, white woods, nutmeg, amber, tonka bean and vanilla.


An unusual ladies fragrance in the House of Louis Cardin. Impression’s, a Deodorant with a beautiful combination of red currant, peach and tangerine notes which win a man’s heart! This Deo is a real God-sent to enhance sexuality and a woman’s confidence in her own beauty. Fans of bright, loop and bold flavors. Long lasting.


The sweetness of this fragrance is added by the tangerine and mandarin orange, along with warm notes of tonka bean and vanilla. Making this a perfect scent for a woman.

Condition: New
Fragrance volume: 200 ml
Gross Weight: 225 g approximately


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