Louis Cardin Credible Noir Deo Spray 200ml

Credible Noir by Louis Cardin is a Oriental fragrance for men. The fragrance features bergamot, rose, floral notes, melon, red berries, vanilla, musk, leather and patchouli.


Mystical fragrance in the style of the “Noir” collection will please even the most discerning ladies and gentlemen. Enticing him into a beautiful plume velvet rose, with a touch of musk. The aroma enhances the sensuality of its owner, making the man irresistible and a woman the most wanted and loved. Fragrance lovers of complicated flavours, which the skin becomes soft and mysterious to. Suitable as a “Unisex” fragrance. Good longevity.


Credible Noir is part of the “Credible” series. The professional designers of fine-quality fragrances at Louis Cardin formulated this distinct and pleasing scent. Using such mesmerising notes of bergamot, rose, musk and vanilla will define your personality whilst gaining complements on your elegance.

Condition: New
Fragrance volume: 200 ml
Gross Weight: 225 g approximately


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