Kings Of Fortune

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Kings of Fortune by Louis Cardin is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. The fragrance features sandalwood, oriental notes and spices.


The scent of seduction and brutality, which clearly draws a male portrait of a King! Powerful and strong, with his companion feeling like a Queen. Lovers of vintage and complex flavours. Suitable as a “Unisex” fragrance. Long lasting.


Kings of Fortune is a distinctive, refind and masterful fragrance. The fragrance makes a unique statement that is the epitome of classic sophistication. A fitting choice to wear on ceremonial occasions. Exemplifying elegance.

Condition: New
Fragrance volume: 100ml
Gross Weight: 460g approximately

1 review for Kings Of Fortune

  1. Scentitar

    A interesting Composition of Clean Soapiness and an anamalic character with a classic spicy aromatic vibe , like in polo safari.
    Overall A interesting and assertive scent that is clean and refined. I think this closer along the lines that creed should have followed when they created viking !
    Appropriate for the man who has seen a thing or two, likes a little spice and with a strong personality.
    5 to 7 hours longevity, fair projection and excellent sillage

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