Geranium Body Mist by Louis Cardin opens with Fruity smell with Light Fruity Fragrances of woody, floral green rose, white floral and fresh floral.


Top Notes (with Woody)

This is the top note of body mist.  Umbrella term used to refer to fragrance notes coming from woody materials. Perceived immediately upon application of a perfume, top notes consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. They form a person’s initial impression of a perfume and thus are very important in the selling of the product.

Middle Notes (with White Floral)

Green floral with a clean and bright profile, sweetish jasmine-like without the indolic nuance of the latter when used with other florals This is the heart of the perfume. The middle notes last longer than the top notes, and they slowly transition to the base notes of the perfume.


Bottom Notes (with Fresh Spicy)

Fragrances belonging in the Oriental family of scents often comprise spicy notes that come from exotic parts of the world, usually the Middle and the Far East: cinnamon, clove, vanilla, pepper, mace, nutmeg, etc. The classification of “spicy oriental” is an oriental accented by these notes.

A body mist is a delicate fragrance, with the lowest percentage of aromatics–usually an essential oil or fruit essence–and thus the highest percentages of water and alcohol. It is described as fruity and sweet, like a fruit roll-up. Its major scents are woody, floral green rose, white floral and fresh floral.


The fragrance of the geranium is long-lasting. Finished with a blend of woody and fresh floral. Keeps you refresh all day with a replenishing fragrance.

Condition: New
Fragrance volume: 175 ml
Gross Weight: 200 g approximately


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