Scentanium EDP

Scentanium by Louis Cardin is a Aromatic Spicy fragrance for men. The fragrance features citruses, bergamot, mint, spicy notes, floral notes and ozonic notes.


A very resistant intimate fragrance for real men who are strong and active. Conquer them with their refined beauty, with attached notes of oriental spices, citrus and fresh mint. The fragrance evokes a feeling of celebration, increasing the activity and makes its wearer an irresistible lover. Encased in a beautiful silver gift box which closes on a magnet. Lovers of luxury and status flavours. Long lasting.


This Premium Scentanium fragrance was designed as being a naturally dominant scent, projecting like no others. It’s fresh, citrus, aromatic notes blended perfectly with warm spicy notes. Adding a touch of eminence by enchasing this lovely fragrance in a luxurious gift box.

Condition: New
Fragrance volume: 100ml
Gross Weight: 450g approximately


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