Oud Forever EDP

Oud Forever by Louis Cardin is a fragrance for men. Oud Forever was launched in 2018. Top notes are cannabis and green notes, middle notes are woody notes, resin, coffee and tobacco, base notes are incense and agarwood (oud).


An Oriental wood-aromatic fragrance for lovers of Oud, rich and complex perfumes. In the initial chords, notes of greenery beautifully appear with a flashing note of cannabis scent. The heart of the fragrance pleases with a beautiful and warm opening of wood tones with shades of resin, coffee and tobacco. The base causes further depth with bewitching incense and “smokeness” of agarwood (oud). Well suited for the cold season! Very long lasting.


Oud Forever is an interesting dry, woody, oriental footprint with its bright and ecstatic aroma. Deep with a compelling ring of attraction of the opposite sex. This Oriental perfume fills the space around its user, giving others a moment of bliss and mystery.

Condition: New
Fragrance volume: 80ml
Gross Weight: 400g approximately


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