Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Body Mist by Louis Cardin opens with Intense Floral Fruity Smell with Forest Fruits Fragrances of strawberries, Raspberry, cherries and cherry blossoms.


Top Notes (with Strawberry)

This is top note of body mist. The characteristic aroma of a fresh strawberry is the result of around a dozen different aroma compounds. This compound gives the ripe fruit its characteristic caramel-like aroma.

Middle Notes (with Cherry)

Little sweet, subtly tart cherry is there, mixed with light sweetness. This is the heart of the perfume. The middle notes last longer than the top notes, and they slowly transition to the base notes of the perfume.


Bottom Notes (with Cheery Blossom)

This is powdery, sweet, lightly tangy note between floral and fruit. These notes stay the longest, mingling with the middle notes to create a delightful aroma. While the top notes provide the first impression, these provide a lasting impression.


The sweet medley of strawberries, Raspberry, cherries and cherry blossoms is the very essence of French elegance. Take it along to add a dash of romance to any moment. Long Lasting.


A lovely optimizing fragrances that are infused with strawberries, Raspberry, cherries and cherry blossoms. Shake the bottle, wake the cherry blossom body mist.

Condition: New
Fragrance volume: 175 ml
Gross Weight: 200 g approximately


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